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High maltose powder

  • Brands: 食品添加剂
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  • Description: High maltose powder

1. High maltose powder has the function of preventing crystallization since it contains maltodextrin. Used in jam, jelly, etc. this product can prevent sucrose separating by crystallization and so prolong the shelf life.

High maltose powder of fine ferment ability and moisture-keeping ability has been widely used in bakery foods and can prevent starch aging.

2. High maltose powder of low DE value and high boiling temperature can replace starch syrup by acid hydrolyzation to make foods taste more soft and more favorable sweet (the sweetness is about 40% of sucrose). Used in hard candy, it can create more transparence and prolong the shelf life.

3. High maltose, short of protein, amino acid, etc. which are easy to cause Mailard reaction with carbohydrates, has fine themostability and so it is more appropriate to use in candy than maltose.

3. Using pure high maltose liquid dropping into vein in medical treatment can effectively make the blood sugar unrise. So it is suitable for diabetic so supply nutrition and as carbon source of antibiotic vaccine.

4. High maltose powder after hydrogenization can generate maltitol which is a sweetener with the same sweetness as sucrose but low caloric value.


Maltose content: more than60% and more than50%

Boil sugar temperature: more than155 and more than140

Solubility: more than99%

DE value: more than4.2%

Moisture: less than6.0%

Ash content: less than0.4% and less than0.5%