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Tiamulin Fumarate

  • Brands: 药品/原材料
  • Model:
  • Description: USP31

    Fumaric acid Tai Miao Streptozotocin

    Description: this product is white or almost white crystalline powder.
    Package: 1 kg/barrel, 15 kg/barrel.
    Quality standards: the China Department of agriculture Bulletin No. 608 and USP31 version.
    Mechanism: combined with the ribosomal 50S unit, blocking the formation of the polypeptide chain, inhibit the formation of bacterial proteins and enzymes to prevent multiplication of bacteria. Thai wonderful study on bactericidal effect strongest in a PH8.5~9.0 environment.
    Indications: Tai Miao Streptozotocin can be used alone for the prevention and treatment of pig diarrhoea, pneumonia, arthritis caused by Mycoplasma chicken, leptospirosis, enteritis, sinus problems, SYNOVITIS, respiratory and other diseases. Combination with other drugs, such as oxytetracycline, sulfonamide Synergist and other sulfa drugs, could significantly broaden the spectrum of Tai Miao Streptozotocin, enhancing its therapeutic effect.